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  Industrial Back Support


  Industrial Back Support. Lightweight all elastic with shoulder strap vest design has duo-adjustable closure for variable compression. When proper lifting techniques are used, this simple support helps prevent back injury on the job. Here is how it works: (1) The Industrial Back Support increases abdominal lift to offset stress on the lower spine; (2) When lifting, the shoulder straps remind the worker to squat in the proper lifting position instead of bending forward. So when the worker lifts an object, he does so with less risk of injury. This style of white Industrial Back Support is ideally suited for hospital, food service and other professional settings. Sized according to hip measurement. Back: 10" (tapers to 61/2" front). Sizes: X-Small (26"-30"), Small (30"-34"), Medium (34"-39"), Large (39"-44"), X-Large (44"-50"), 2X-Large (50"-56").
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